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Insuring Your Needs After Death

Once a person dies, they no longer have to worry about anything anymore. However, the same cannot be said about the worries of the ones left behind. Some people do not think about the kind of insurance they have when they think about investment management. Protecting Your Family with Adequate Insurance It’s an old story that happens way too often. A loved one dies, and they did not have the adequate insurance to take care of their expenses, and now their family is stuck with a lot of bills to Read more [...]

Weddings by Sleepy Ridge

It’s your wedding day. With cameras flashing all day, you will look back on your wedding for years to come. What does your day look like? With so many memories being created in one day, you better make sure they are being built in a beautiful setting. Selecting a venue for your wedding is the first step to creating the wedding of your dreams. Whether you are looking for a rustic country wedding in an old barn, or a sophisticated wedding in an elegant ball room, location is everything. A Brides Read more [...]

Eliminate Debt, Get Financial Freedom

As a mother and a blogger, I've become accustomed to being financially strapped. When my husband and I first got married, we had no money and a lot of debt. As you can imagine, times were stressful as we were first getting our feet under us. We followed all sorts of financial advice, but it was actually a hodge podge of theories that did us the most good. So, here are a few tips and tricks to get you out of debt into the sweet, forgiving arms of financial freedom. It's hard, but you can Read more [...]

Is There a Relationship Between Finance and Insurance?

Finance and insurance are certainly two parts of the same world. Both deal with money. Both are based on the idea that value can be apportioned to specific activities or concepts, not all of which have the same hard physical traction as commodities. Finance itself is an overarching term, which relates essentially to all valued actions and commodities within the sphere of an individual or corporation. As such, insurance has a clear financial element where it forms part of the finance structure of Read more [...]

Buying Your First House In 2013? Here Are Some Things You Need To Know

Over the last 10 years, the housing market has changed considerably, and most recently, the world recession has also taken its toll. Throughout this period, there have been changes in the housing market, especially when it comes to mortgages, and if you’re considering buying a home in 2013, you should know that the market is currently beneficial for sellers, and a tough nut to crack for buyers. Here are a few tips for first time buyers in 2013! Home Prices Are Rising – Everywhere! According Read more [...]

Caravan Insurance: What You Need to Know

While many principles of car insurance also translate to caravan insurance, there are clearly some key differences. If you know what to look for, then you’ll be able to get the right level of cover, and you may also be able to save yourself some money if you understand how everything works. Types Firstly, you need to be aware that there are usually two different types of insurance depending on whether you have a touring caravan, or a static one. A touring caravan is one which has no fixed location, Read more [...]

How to Make Money with E-commerce?

Nowadays, it has become crucial that the Internet technologies are incorporated into your business activities. One of the most important ways being - buying and selling products online. Whether you have an established business or you are just starting up, e-commerce needs to be made a top priority in your business plan. Here are some ways how e-commerce can benefit your business and help you to earn more money. 1. Cost Effectiveness Using e-commerce can be extremely cost effective. It can dramatically Read more [...]

Emirates sign multi-year sponsorship deal with F1

One of the most glamorous sports around, Formula One racing has attracted a host of blue-chip sponsors in the past few decades, and the latest company to lend its name to it is no exception. Emirates airline have put pen to paper for a five-year deal worth £6.3m a year to F1. Having already agreed multi-million pound deals with the likes of Arsenal Football Club, Emirates’ latest foray into sports sponsorship will see the company’s logo feature on course grounds, bridges over racetracks and Read more [...]

The Challenges and Benefits of Tenant Insurance

Most landlords understand that they need insurance on their property. However, they often do not think about covering tenants. Investing in tenant insurance is a chance to protect a property manager or owner from liability and costs caused by tenants. If a faulty appliance causes a fire or issue, a person could be held responsible for a person’s property, injuries and more. Having the right insurance policy protects landlords, managers or property owners. How It Works  Once a person invests Read more [...]

How to manage your money better as a couple

Managing your money in the current economic climate can be tricky especially as general outgoings are rising faster than what we earn. For couples it can be advisable to manage your money together. There has been a steady rise in two parent earners as more couples realise that they need to be both earning to survive financially. More mothers are taking up part time work or full time work to cope financially. With rising living costs and the economy showing no improvement, this trend is likely to Read more [...]