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Parenting Styles and How They Affect Children

It may be that your parenting style has been influenced by your own upbringing in that you either bring your children up in a similar way to the way you were brought up, or you make a determined effort to bring them up differently. There is no doubt that parenting styles have a significant impact on child development and subsequently on behavior  Parenting styles are a unique and personal thing that may be adapted to suit particular situations. To categories them may be generalizing what is Read more [...]

All Students need to know about Moving to Halls of Residence

For many students, starting university means having to move out of the family home in order to move to the city at which the university is located. Many students become so overwhelmed that they forget about the ‘boring’ part of it all – moving! One of the largest aspects of becoming a student is moving. This may be to a privately rented property, with other friends or family members, or most commonly, halls of residence. This article aims to provide you with all the general information you Read more [...]

A Teacher’s Guide to Learning Styles and Their Effect on Behaviour

How many Kinaesthetics do you have in your class? How about Aurals? Or maybe there are more Logicals amongst your pupils? The chances are you have some of them all with a couple of others added in as well, even if you don't yet know it. These aren't the latest fads in bizarre names but a way of differentiating between the varying learning styles that separate the pupils in your class. The modern classroom uses a multitude of teaching techniques to elicit the best responses from children and help Read more [...]

Engineers opting for MBA

MBA is the passport to join the world of business management. But the question is, how a degree as such can help an engineer who comes from the technical background? Though there are applicants from other streams but surprisingly,70% of students who apply for the CAT are engineers. Even a few years ago, engineering has been the top priority and this shift was hardly visible. Things have changed with increasing competitiveness in the job market. Today, the engineers even have to deal with matters Read more [...]

The World’s Most Famous College Degree Scams

Harvard, Yale and other colleges have at some time or the other fallen prey to degree scams. People with twisted, ingenious minds have attempted to game the system. Let’s take a look at the World’s most famous college degree scams. Naval Academy Cheating Ring After acquiring an early copy of the electrical engineering exam, a student traded it for just $50 to several students. 134 students bought the test in order to get better grades. The students then either memorized the test or went in Read more [...]

Don’t Kill Yourself Studying!

When you’re a college student, there’s never a day when you wake up feeling refreshed.  It seems that all night, every night - at least when it isn’t the night of the biggest party on campus - we’re up studying, taking new notes, writing essays, and cramming for exams.  In order to study more effectively, you have to make the time to be able to capture your alert, waking hours to organize your course materials and make an effective learning plan.  Distractions and complex study routines Read more [...]

The 7 principals of social work

Social work is a profession that is balanced by principals, ethics and values that power its growth and evolution. As a social worker, you are bound to a code of conduct that allows your clients to feel safe while giving you the toolbox that you need to deliver excellent work. Below are generally accepted principals of social work that the profession adheres to: 1.       Non judgmental attitude Having a non-judgmental attitude is crucial in your career as a social worker. You have to be able Read more [...]

Usenet is Ideal Educational Resource Because It is Driven by Facts

Some people wonder why Usenet is still considered to be an excellent learning resource.  A recent study looked at the most active and popular Usenet discussions to determine if it is still a valuable resource. The study noted that Usenet is still an excellent learning resource because of the high value placed upon the sharing of facts. Only 12% of popular posts contained personal opinions/comments The study focused on the most popular posts and discussions as well as analyzed the most active thread Read more [...]

The Push To Pursue Mass Communication Courses In Mumbai

Education is the most important part of a person’s life. Starting from the infant stage to adulthood, education decides what the career track of a person is likely to be. Everything ranging from livelihood, money, personality and various other aspects are based on the quality of education a person receives. However, there are many factors that affect a person to choose a career or even college. Parental and societal pressure on a child: From the very basic stage when a child starts going to school, Read more [...]

Five Phases of the Recruitment Process

Recruitment is a big word for both job applicants and the company itself. This is very true because recruitment may mean earning a living for job applicants and business success for companies. There are many types of recruitment that greatly depend on the needs of a company. But for this article, we will focus on IT recruitment. Information technology, simply known as IT, is the specialisation of handling technology-related jobs. A company will need the help of IT experts to run their computers, Read more [...]